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1.The 2002 Symposium of the Japan Society for Traumatic Stress Studies

Held in Tokyo on 2nd and 3rd of March this inaugural symposium was well attended by health care professionals from many fields including nurses, social workers, doctors, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, community workers and educators.

At the symposium there was a very dynamic atmosphere with many interesting presentations and open panel discussions, including the introductory keynote presentation by Dr Takako Konishi and including guest presentations from Bonnie L. Green of Washington University, the current president of the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies and fellow ISTSS member Dr Jonathan R.T. Davidson from Duke University.

It was encouraging to discover that the JSTSS has established itself within a year with an initial membership of over 300 health care professionals concerned with trauma and PTSD related problems within Japan, including domestic violence, sexual abuse and bullying. Equally, if not more encouraging, was to see that women were equally well represented, not only within the membership of the JSTSS but also within those who gave presentations and participated in the panel discussions.

For photographs and more detailed information in Japanese on the JSTSS and its inaugural symposium please follow this link to JSTSS web site: 2002 Symposium of the Japan Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (in Japanese).

2. Ikebukuro Counseling Center article featured in The Japan Times

An article on Ikebukuro Counseling Center featured in the Time Out - Life in Japan section of The Japan Times Sunday edition on 24th March 2002, as part the Time Out featured theme on lifestyle stress and coping with stress in Tokyo and Japan. Many thanks to Alejandra, Arti, Jim, Keiko, Veronika, Yuki and Yuko from ICC for giving their time and contributions in the interviews with Mami Maruko from The Japan Times. And grateful thanks also to Mami for all her patience, sincere interest and efforts she put into writing her article which is much appreciated by us all.

Link to The Japan Times Web Site, March 24th 2002:


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