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1. Association of Japanese Clinical Psychology 21st Annual Conference

Association of Japanese Clinical Psychology 21st Annual Conference, September 2002
(With thanks to KN for this reflection on the the guest lecture)

"The special lecture for the Japan Clinical Psychology Society held at Chukyo University in Nagoya was given by Dr. Ian Evans from New Zealand. The theme of his lecture was "Major trends in psychological assessment: What are the fundamental principles of clinical psychological assessment?". I could relate to his ideas about multicultural awareness. In present day Japan, there are many opportunities to interact with people from many different countries and backgrounds. When you meet someone from a different cultural background in a clinical setting, I feel that being able to think of things in a multicultural way is very important. In Mr. Evans' lecture, he gave the following three points a clinical psychologist should consider during an interview with a client with a different cultural background:

Can you give explanations using your client's language?
Can you find an alternative action that is in line with your client's cultural background?
Can you explain the process of change in your client's terms, using expressions that are in line with his or her culture?

I hope to use what I have learned from this lecture when I conduct interviews."


2.Doctor Patch Adams Lecture in Tokyo

A personal viewpoint on American health care was provided in an interesting and thought provoking presentation given by Dr 'Patch' Adams. He spoke with conviction on his and his colleagues efforts over the last 30 years to create a community hospital which will provide free health care to all patients who come for help and treatment, which neither needs to accept any treatment restrictions and limits to the quality of health care imposed on doctors health insurance providers, and also by virtue of not charging for their services which does pay expensive malpractice insurance premiums. Dr Adams and a dedicated team of health care professionals who share his vision of good community based health care have worked for 30 years towards this goal. During that time Dr Adams has brought compassionate health care to many thousands of people. His view that care and treatment should be provided as a service within the community rather than being based on"greed and power" received a very warm reception from the 2000 people listening to him speak in Tokyo.

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