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Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling

Few people enter into a close personal or romantic relationship looking for problems. Few couples move in together, get married or start a family without hopes and positive expectations for a good and happy life. However any couple or marriage can at some time experience times of difficulty and stress within the relationship. Unexpected life events can shake the foundations of even the most stable marriage or couples partnership, unforeseen problems, illnesses, setbacks and losses can cause strain and tension among members of even the most loving and happy family. Counseling with an experienced couples and marriage therapist can provide fresh insight and help you to move beyond the problems you are going through and promote the right kind of change and help you to find the solutions you need together..


Confidential and Professional Couples and Marriage Counseling

Within a confidential, relaxing and supportive environment confidential and reliable couples and marriage counseling can provide you with a valuable space in your busy Tokyo life to share even the most difficult personal and emotional and psychological problems. The team of expert and experienced counselors and therapists who provide professional couples and marriage counseling services at Tokyo Counseling Services is comprised of licensed Clinical Psychologists (Japan Society of Certified Clinical Psychologists) and registered Psychotherapists in Japan (Japanese Federation for Psychotherapy).


TCS Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling Media Reports

Tokyo Counseling Services couples and marriage counseling services staff were interviewed and quoted in the "Couples Counseling" and "Domestic Violence" sections of a feature on these topics printed the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, the top financial newspaper in Japan. To read the article in Japanese please follow this link to "Couples Counseling and Domestic Violence in Japan"


Contact and Appointments

For more informaiton on how contact Tokyo Counseling Services' Reception to schedule an apppointment for couples or marriage counseling simply follow this link to our "Appointments and Inquiries" section.


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