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East Japan Great Earthquake and Tsunami 2011

Here is some information that hopefully will be of use to anyone here in Japan or for anyone inside or outside Japan who are concerned for friends and family in Japan who are using the internet to search for help on the earthquake in Japan. Bloggers and websites worldwide please feel free to post and pass this information on. Thank you.


Some Emergency Contact Numbers:

Both the Police and Fire/Medical Assistance are available 24 hours a day. 110 is the number to the Police Headquarter Command Post, and 119 is to the Fire Department Command and Control Center. They will take your call, and arrange a police car, fire engine, or ambulance in case of emergency. You can dial 110 and 119 for free. Even from a public phone, you do not need a phone card or money. Hope this may be of some help to anyone reading this on the internet.

Legal Counseling for Foreigners: Japan Federation of Bar Associations:
Telephone Consultation for Victims of the Earthquake


Medical Services Information in English and Mental Health Support in Japanese throughout Japan

Next some useful telephone numbers and links for residents of Tokyo and Japan who speak Japanese and/or English who need to get in touch with a medical or mental health professional qualified in Japan are as follows:

Inochi no Denwa (Lifeline Telephone Service in Japanese):

Japan: 0120-738-556
Tokyo: 3264 4343

The AMDA International Medical Information Center provides telephone services to foreign residents in Japan in several languages, including Chinese, English, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and Thai, introduce medical facilities with staff who speak the patient's language and explain the health care system.

"AMDA International Medical Information Center"


Google Person Finder Service in Japanese, English, Korean and Chinese


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