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TCS Standards Mental Heatlh Professionals

Here are a few things I would suggest you consider to be in a good position to be considered to work at TCS and in Japan in general, particularly as there as licensing law changes coming in later this year (this has yet to be officially announced by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare but is definitely decided - please keep this information confidential).

1. Yes, to work at TCS I require all counselors to have the Rinshou Shinrishi (Japan Society of Certified Clinical Psychologists) or an absolute commitment to be studying for it. I would also recommend you take this exam as soon as possible s there are already over 22,000 JSCCPs Certified in Japan and as the JSCCP has been deeply involved in the recent discussions for national licensing of clinical psychologists as professional mental health counselors in Japan too it would be very good to have the JSCCP qualification as soon as possible, especially as there is talk about possibly introducing a "grandparenting" system for experienced counselors with a CP qualification.

For your information the JSCCP takes place once every year in October, first a written exam and then if you pass that an oral interview, both in Japanese of course at this point.

I am not in a position to promise anyone who applies from abroad work as the needs of the center can only be known as and when that need arises and as you know the center is still developing. So the best I can suggest now is that when you know your plans for relocating to Tokyo you let me know then when you will be back living here and then you would be welcome to come and see me and we can talk about the work situation needs at TCS then.

All the best Andrew Andrew Grimes JSCCP (#4572), JCP.

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