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1.12th World Congress of Psychiatry Yokohama Japan August 24th - 29th 2002

It is encouraging the first World Psychiatric Congress of the 21st Century was held in Yokohama Japan. This was in fact the first time that this Congress has been held not just in Japan but in any country in Asia since the Foundation of the World Psychiatric Association in 1950.

The significance of holding the 12th World Congress in an Asian country was referred to in many of the opening ceremony speeches and transcultural perspectives and issues in mental health care around the world were reflected both in the themes and content of a number of the lectures, symposia and presentations given by psychiatrists and other mental health care workers from all over the world.

The 12th World Psychiatric Congress - Partnership for Mental Health - was opened in the presence of His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince Akihito of Japan and Princess Masako, and was jointly sponsored by the Japan Association of Psychiatry and Neurobiology and the Japan Science Council. More than 7000 psychiatrists and other mental health professionals from around the world participated. In his opening speech the Crown Prince referred to mental health and the 21st century as being said to be the century of the mind (kokoro).

There was such a range of lectures and presentations on many important mental health care topics and issues facing the world today that is was at times hard to decide which to attend. Although it is not possible in one issue of this newsletter, to detail the many areas of concern and fields of research and debate covered during the whole congress, it is good to note that many practitioners and researchers are focused on vital mental health care issues such as providing effective treatment, support and care for people who experience depression, are victims of domestic violence and other types of traumatic stress and the prevention of suicide and the impact of suicide on the family and society in all cultures around the world.
World Psychiatric Association


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