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Yuko Okuyama

Licenses and Qualifications

Art therapist


Canadian Art Therapy Association Art Therapist

Yuko is a qualified art therapist who compeleted her training at Vancouver Art Therapy Institute in Canada. She is registered with Canadian Art Therapy Association (CATA).

Individual and group art therapy in Japanese, and English.


After Yuko received BSc Psychology from University of East London, she went on to complete her diploma training at Vancouver Art Therapy Institute. She assisted Canadian art therapist's workshop in Bangkok and Tokyo. She came back to Tokyo in 2011 and providing art therapy workshops for people, such as walfare workers.

2012 ~ present
Tokyo Counseling Services

Yu House, Tokyo. Child Care Staff

Approach and Background

Yuko is an individual counselor and also a qualified art therapist in Canada. She utilizes a creative process in therapy to help clients to express their feelings and issues in an artistic way. Her approach is based on Person centered approach and creating safe space where clients can relax and spend time to explore their inner world. She provides both verbal and non-verbal therapy according to the needs of clients for a variety of issues.


She works with with children, adolescents, and adults and provides services to individuals, families, and groups. She is bilingual and work in Japanese and English.

Professional Memberships

Canadian Art Therapy Association

The Japanese Society of Psychotherapy of Expression and Art Therapy

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