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Licenses and Qualifications

Clinical Psychologist

Japan Society of Certified Clinical Psychologists


1994-2013: Promotion of Child Rights through an International Non-for-Profit Organization

Jan-Jun 2014:Intern: Supervised training at Douglas Mental Health University Institute in Montreal, Canada

Jan-Jun 2015: Intern: Supervised training at Fortis Hospital, New Delhi, India

Sep/Oct 2015 onwards: Tokyo Counseling Services. School Counselor

Art therapy

Mie based her counseling in cognitive behavioral therapy enhanced by theories and techniques of interpersonal therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy.


Prior to coming back to Japan, her clinical experience was mainly with adolescents and adults with trait of diagnosis of borderline personality disorder and mood disorders. In addition to the above clinical issues Mie can support individuals with adjustment issues after migration, and individual with interpersonal conflicts in multicultural, multilingual and diverse family and work environment. Mie has lived and worked in North America, Central America, South East Asia, South Asia and West Africa for 17 years. In addition, to English and Japanese, she is able to have session in French. She is currently working towards the certification as a clinical psychologist in Japan

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