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Nicolas Dermota

Nicolas Dermota, Profile in German

Licenses and Qualifications

Clinical Psychologist, Austrian Society of Clinical Psychologists

Psychotherapist, Japanese Certificate for Psychotherapy

Psychologist of Trust German Embassy, Austrian Embassy


1999 - 2000 Hospital for Pulmonary diseases, Vienna, Austria

2001 - 2005 AAAV- Psychological Institute, Vienna, Austria

2004 Proj.da Luz, Project for streekids, Favela da Maré, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2002 ~ 2004 Volksh.-Wien, Institution for neglected kids and adolescents, Vienna, Austria

2006 Hospital de Ipanema, HIV-Department, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2008 ~ Present: Hozumi Clinic Psychiatric Daycare Center, Ikebukuro Tokyo.

2008 ~ Present: Tokyo Counseling Services, Shimokitazawa, Tokyo.

Approach and Background

Nicolas is a qualified nationally licenced Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist in Austria and Japan and has practised in various Institutions in his home country as well as in Brazil. Since eight years he lives and works in Japan.

After his graduation in the field of Psychology in Vienna he completed further post graduate specification trainings in Austria such as a clinical psychological Curriculum, a traffic psychological Curriculum and an education as Communication trainer. In Japan he absolved the education as Psychotherapist and is since then registered member of the Japanese Federation for Psychotherapy (JFP) and European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP).

His approach as a Counselor is integrative. In detail he works based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques combined with a client centered orientation. Frequently encountered diagnoses include Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar disorder, Panic disorder, Obsessive-compulsive Disorder (OCD), PTSD and Drugs as well as Alcohol Abuse. Currently he provides counseling and therapy to English, German and Portuguese speaking clients in Tokyo.

Since 2012 he is Psychologist of Trust of the German Embassy and since 2014 Psychologist of Trust of the Austrian Embassy in Tokyo.


Nicolas enjoys working with clients from various cultural and social backgrounds. His travel and working experiences around the world have made him sensitive to cultural differences and similarities in dealing with personal problems. He is experienced in providing individual and couples counseling and facilitating group therapy in Europe, South America and most recently here in Japan. Former challenging working environments have included a project for streetkids living in the slums of Rio de Janeiro.

Professional Memberships

Association of Japanese Clinical Psychology (AJCP)

Japan Society of Traumatic Stress Studies (JSTSS)

Gesellschaft kritischer Psychologen Wien (GKPP)

Austrian Ministry of Health - Clinical Psychologist (Registration No.7301)

Media and Articles

"Music as a Resource Activating Element in the Treatment of COPD Clients", Master Thesis, March 2000

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