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Message of Encouragement East Japan Great Earthquake Tsunami

We hope this message finds you and those you care for well during these difficult times in Japan since the Great East Japan Great Earthquake and Tsunami on 11th March, 2011. Here at Tokyo Counseling Service we extend our deepest sympathy and encouragement to the people of the Tohoku Region who have endured so much and continue to strive to rebuild and move forward though this difficult time for the of the Tohoku region and the nation as a whole.


The Canadian Embassy Tokyo Japan 2nd Annual Mini Expo 2011

Canadian Embassy Tokyo

Tokyo Expo


Tokyo Counseling Services Team at Canadian Embassy Mini Expo

Four members from Tokyo Counseling Services' team were on hand to present our counseling and psychotherapy services to Canadian Embassy staff and their guests, as well as other providers of services to the international professional and business community in Tokyo, as part of the 2nd Annual Mini Expo for that was held at the Canadian Embassy on 16th September 2011.

The TCS team was headed up by Ms Yasue Yoshiike, our counseling center’s leading specialist in international couples and marriage counseling who has worked in this field for 30 years including sixteen years in Seattle and Mr Nicolas Dermota who is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist from Austria and a member of our international counseling and therapy team. Nicolas works in English, German and Portugeuse porviding individual psychotherapy, group therapy and company in-house traininig groupss and seminars for international companies and corporations with offices located in Tokyo and thoughout Japan.

Two of our English/Japanese bilingual receptionists Ms Saori Yamabe and Ms Yuki Kusahara were also manning the TCS table at the Expo answering and assisting with a wide variety of questions and enquiries from interested members of staff of the Canadian Embassy and their guests: Saori Yamabe and Yuki Kusahara are currently post graduate psychology students at universities here in Tokyo and both have lived and studied in North America.


Tokyo Counseling Services Team Reflections of the Event

For Nicolas Dermota is was, "A very informative event in a beautiful location. Participants as well as guests could benefit from the opportunity wide knowledge exchange. The Tokyo Counseling Services booth was well visited. People seemed to appreciate the opportunity of having a casual chat with a counselor in a neutral environment like an embassy hall. Also our center's brochures, pamphlets, business cards and free give away books were popular items that afternoon. I am looking forward to seeing the Mini-Expo go from strength to strength in the coming years.

Yuki felt, "The Embassy's Expo was a good opportunity for both participants and guests to enjoy talking to each other and experience a mutual exchange of knowledge. Some participants put on performances that showed Japanese culture and traditions, such as playing the Koto (Japanese guitar), Taiko (Japanese drums) and Ochakai (Tea Ceremony). This opportunity that the Embassy provided encourages people who live in Japan as a lot of people were shocked by the experience of the Higashi-Nihon earthquake disaster earlier this year. I appreciated these performances and the efforts of the Canandian Embassy to create such a postitive and useful event at a time like this. I also enjoyed being at the Tokyo Counseling Services booth providing information and handing out pamphlets to the guests and they kindly seemed interested in our services. I hope the services of all the participants can be of help to all people who live in Japan.


Tokyo Counseling Services Team at Mini Expo - Photo Gallery


Photo Gallery of TCS Counseling Team at the Canadian Embassy Mini Expo

Japanese Pschology

Tokyo therapy

Tokyo Counseling Services

Tokyo counseling


Tokyo Counseling Services Team at Canadian Embassy Mini Expo

Finally and most importantly we would like to express our appreciation to the Canadian Embsassy for the kind invitation and oppourtunity to take part in their Mini Expo. In addition we are grateful to the Embassy's Human Resources Section and Contracting Specialists of the for providing such concise and helpful information and logistical support to help us prepare, and very much enjoy, being a part of your Mini-Expo.

Canadian Embassy Japan


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