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Message of Encouragement East Japan Great Earthquake Tsunami

We hope this message finds you and those you care for well during these difficult times in Japan since the Great East Japan Great Earthquake and Tsunami on 11th March, 2011. Here at Tokyo Counseling Service we extend our deepest sympathy and encouragement to the people of the Tohoku Region who have endured so much and continue to strive to rebuild and move forward though this still difficult time for the Tohoku region and the nation as a whole as we together move forward into the new year.


1. Association of Japanese Clinical Psychology Tokyo Japan 2011

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Association of Japanese Clinical Psychology - International Symposium on Trauma Recovery and PTSD Prevention - Tokyo University 10/10/2011


International Symposium - Truama Recovery & PTSD Prevention

In Tokyo on 10th October 700 Clinical Psychologists from The Association of Japanese Clinical Psychology gathered in the main auditorium of Tokyo University for an International Symposium on Trauma Care, Recovery and Psychosocial Support with the focus on the ongoing psychosocial care and support progammes in East Japan, in particular in the Tohoku and Kanto regions. The presentations were given by Clinical Psychologists expert in the field of trauma and PTSD who were along with our colleagues from the psychiatrists have ben working in these regions who the first response psychological social outreach services that were provided to villages and towns in the immediate aftermath of the Great East Japan Tsunami refugee camps and villages in the aftermath of the tsunami on March 11th to the mid-term and long term psychosocial recovery programmes in place and being developed throughout the Tohoku and Kanto Regions to enable survivors of the disasters to carfully recover, move forward and grow on through the disasters they have experienced during the year since the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsumani occoured.


President Murase of the Association of Japanese Clinical Psychology

The opening keynote address and was given by Dr Murase, the current President of the AJPC, who gave an indepth presentation on her own first hand work and the work the AJPC in cooperation with other Japanese Psychological, Psychiatic and Medical Associations and Societies in the Touhouku and Kanto regions during the seven months since the Great East Japan Great Earthquake and Tsunami of 11th March.

Among the other presenters were Dr Haruhiko Shimoyama (Professor of the Department of Clinical Psychology, Graduate School of Education at the University of Tokyo) who with other leading AJCP Clinical Psychologists have been working in teams with survivors in the prefectures and communites devasted by the Tsunami. Other perspectives and presentations were also given including from a representative from The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. Three international guest presenters who are expert in the field of traumatology and well experienced in developing short and long term recovery programs for disaster survivors shared their experience from around the world. They came from Germany (Dr Robert Bering of Cologne University and the EU Crisis Assistance Program Director, Center for Psychotraumatology Research), the United Kingdom (Dr William Yule and Board of Directors of the Children and War Foundation) and the United States (Dr. Gerald Davison Dean of the Gerontogy Department of the University of Southern California. The presentations culminated with final one hour panel discussion between all presentators to discuss questions central to the continuing need to provide short term and longer term psychosocial support in the form of individual and group programmes for both children and adults to assist schools, villages and larger communities in the East Japan Region, and careful psychosocial support programs that Overall this international syposium on trauma recovery provided an a very positive and encouraging opportunity all of the mental health professionals leading experts in the field of traumatogy, including trauma recovery and PTSD.

Japan psyhologists

44 Japanese mental health organizations, in a unique multidisciplinary bonding collaboration of national and regional associations and societies of psychiatry, clinical psychology, psychotherapy and other Japan qualified nationally licensed mental health professionals, have been caring for and providing mental health treatment and psychosocial support to many thousands of people, including many children who have needed help to recover from the traumatic events of 3/11/3 onward and through the ensuing aftermath of the tsunami, earthquake aftershocks and ongoing effects of the nuclear reactors that went into meltdown in Fukushima Prefecture. .


International Mental Health Symposium on Trauma and PTSD

Photo Gallery - The Association of Japanese Clinical Psychology International Mental Health Symposium on Trauma and PTSD






Child PTSD Japan




Online Media Reports on Trauma Recovery and PTSD Treatment

TCS's Director Andrew Grimes was interviewed on the topics of the need for psychosocial support, on the subject of PTSD, (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) mental health care and what we can expect to see over the coming years in Japan following the Japan Earthquake, Tsunami and nuclear disasters on 11/3/2011. Some of his comments, shown below, were featured in The Magazine of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent in the article "Mending Minds", written by Tokyo based journalist Nick Jones. "Mending Minds" was published in English and translated into the French and Spanish editions of the International Red Cross Magazine. For extracts and more information from this article about the outstanding and still ongoing work of the Japanese Red Cross Society please see:

The Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Disasters Red Cross Work

Japanese Red Cross Society - Japan Earthquake and Tsunami - Japan One Year:
Dairy 1 "Coming to Terms with Tragedy" by Francis Markus in Otsuchi
Diary 2 "Tsunami Children Cope with Parents Stress" by Francis Markus in Yamada

Please consider supporting the ongoing work of the Red Cross Society. Your donations can make a big difference to the lives and futures of the survivors and their children. Please watch this video address from President Konoe of the Japanese Red Cross Society - "Six Months on from the Great East Japan Earthquake":

Information on how to easily Donate to the Japanese Red Cross Society. or to the United Kingdom Red Cross Relief Fund for Japan to help bring more, comfort, care and hope to the survivors of The Great East Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster please.


Tokyo Counseling Services Articles and Blog Coloum Posts

We weclome any feedback or reflections by email on TCS Articles and Blog posts about nationally and officially recognized professional mental health organizations in Japan as well as enquiries from international universities and students interested in what are the educational and legal requirements that to be attained and respected in order to become recognized licensed mental health professionals in Japan. We welcome enquiries from within Japan or from any other international locations. We will do our best to answer all reasonable enquiries as time allows but ask your understanding that priority is given to replying to our counseling center clients.


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