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Skype Counseling

As of January 2014, Tokyo Counseling Services now offers Skype Counseling for those under special circumstances.


What is Skype Counseling?

Skype Counseling is a counseling session done through Skype, a phone/video phone application on the internet. Skype is generally free when talking to one Skype user to another. One would need an account but to create one is easy and free. Once the application and appointment making process is complete, we will provide you with our Skype username so that you can add us to your list of contacts.


Details and Inquiries

Requirement One requirement for Skype counseling is that we ask clients to come into the center and meet with the counselor for the first session. We understand that it may be difficult, but we strongly urge that the first session be face to face so that the counselor can assess whether counseling over Skype would be appropriate for each specific situation.

What constitutes circumstances where Skype counseling is appropriate? We understand that bilingual counseling or counseling in certain languages may not be readily available in certain areas of Japan. Distance can be a large factor in not being able to get counseling services. Additionally certain disabilities or conditions may prevent one from being able to come to our center in Shimokitazawa. In any case please do not hesitate to contact us for an initial face to face session to assess whether Skype counseling would be appropriate for the situation.

What is the payment process? We do ask that in the case of Skype counseling, payments be made prior to the appointment.

How do I start? Please call (03-5431-3096) or email us (tokyocounselingservices@gmail.com) to make an appointment or for any other questions or inquiries you may have. (No walk-in sessions provided)


Tokyo Counseling Services Contact and Appointments

For more information on how contact Tokyo Counseling Services' Reception for more information and how to schedule appointments for individual, couples and family therapy simply follow this link to our "Appointments and Inquiries" section.


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