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TCS counseling professionals are all qualified and licensed Clinical Psychologists. Our Psychotherapists are qualified and registered by The Japan Federation for Psychotherapy. Tokyo Counseling Services mental health counseling professionals are qualified JSCCP Clinical Psychologists licensed to practice in Japan. Every Psychotherapist at TCS holds the Japanese Certificate for Psychotherapy and is qualified and legitimately registered as a Psychotherapist by The Japan Federation for Psychotherapy. Our counselors provide individual counseling, couples counseling, marriage counseling and family counseling. Counseling and therapy services are available in English, Korean, and Japanese for all residents living in the Tokyo Metropolis and Kanto region. Telephone Tokyo 5431-3096

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We’re very proud of our team and the work that they do, interested in seeing who is a part of the Tokyo Counseling services Team?

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To make an appointment for counseling or for further information please feel free to call the counseling center reception at (03) 5431 3096 and our receptionists and counseling staff will be pleased to help you.