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Our Journey

In autumn 2007 TCS opened the first of its purpose designed counseling centers located in the heart of the vibrant Shimokitazawa district in Setagaya. It offers convenient access to Tokyo and Kanagawa residents and is staffed by a team of highly experienced, trained, qualified, licensed and nationally recognized mental health professionals in Japan.

History and Location

Tokyo Counseling Services was founded in May 1999 by Andrew Grimes JCP, CP under the auspices of Dr Noboru Hozumi and with the cooperation and support of the team of Japan registered mental health counselors and psychotherapists who provide individual, couples and family counseling services at Ikebukuro Counseling Center and daycare center group programs at the adult mental health daycare rehabilitation center at Hozumi Clinic Medical Center. Since then under Andrew’s direction Tokyo Counseling Services has grown in the range of counseling, psychotherapy and group therapy services it provides to the greater Tokyo Metropolis community and is now in its fifthteen year of providing psychological and emotional support services to the international Japanese community.

Online Counseling Sessions

As of January 2014, Tokyo Counseling Services now offers Skype and Zoom Counseling nationwide and worldwide.

Skype Counseling is a counseling session done through Skype, a phone/video phone application on the internet. Skype is generally free when talking to one Skype user to another. One would need an account but to create one is easy and free. Once the application and appointment making process is complete, we will provide you with our Skype username so that you can add us to your list of contacts. Some members of our counseling team also offer Zoom counseling services.

Please call (03-5431-3096) or email us (info@tokyocounselng.com) to make an appointment or for any other questions or inquiries you may have. (No walk-in sessions provided)

Our Services

Counseling and Therapy Services

  • Individual Counseling and Psychotherapy
  • Couples and Marriage Counseling
  • Family Therapy
  • Digital Well-being Coaching

Therapy for Behavioural and Mental Health

  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Personal Problems
  • Job Related
  • Living in Multicultural Japan

Meet The Team

We’re very proud of our team and the work that they do, interested in seeing who is a part of the Tokyo Counseling services Team?

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