Address: Ma Maison Daizawa 202(2nd Floor), Daizawa 2-30-21, Setagaya Ward, Tokyo, Japan. 155-0032

Tel: 03-5431-3096

FAX: 03-5431-3097


By Train

Shimokitaza Station can be reached directly on the Odakyu Line from Shinjuku Station and the Inokashira Line from Shibuya, Maedaimae (Keio Line connection) and Kichijoji Stations.

Shimokitazawa Station is the second express train stop from Shinjuku and takes 7 minutes from station to station. From Shibuya it is the second express train stop and takes 4 minutes. TCS Counseling Center is located within 8 minutes walking distance from Shimokitazawa Station So East Exit. The Counseling Center is located on the 2nd floor of the Ma Maison Daizawa building. To get to the Ma Maison Daizawa buildling, Shimokitazawa Station take the East Exit. From there follow the photo instruction below

1.When you get to Shimokitazawa, come to the ground-level. Look for the East Exit. Once you are out of the station, follow the sign, “Former South Exit”, You will go through the construction site and get to a small path. Turn right on to the small path and go under the overpass. Go straight this path and turn left just before McDonald. Keep going straight down this road.

2.You will pass Wendy’s/First Kitchen on your left and very soon come to an intersection crossing Chazawa Street. (Shimokitazawa Iriguchi Intercestion)

3.Cross the intersection and take the first street to the right. (not the small path right before the Korean restaurant) There is a Korean restaurant on the corner of this street.

4.Walk along the street almost to the end and on your right you will see the double glass door entrance to Ma Maison Daizawa.

5.Take the stairs to the second floor and you will see the entrance to Tokyo Counseling Services counseling center straight in front of you.

By Car

If you have a car navigation system, please search on your system using our telephone number or address. Please note that although we do not have private parking space there are several toll parking lots around the area.

Driving From Chiba or Saitama prefectures

Exit Sangen-jyaya- onto -Syuto-kosoku san-go-sen- (Highway #3), Turn right at the second junction and enter Chazawa-dori (Chazawa Street). Turn right at -Daizawa-sanmataro (Daizawa junction), Then turn right at the first set of traffic lights, and turn left on the first alley. TCS counseling center is the fourth building along on the left.

Driving From Kanagawa

Take the Ikejiri Exit on Syuto-kosoku san-go-sen- (Highway #3), and drive straight along route 246 toward Shibuya, Get into the left lane of the road and then turn right at Chazawa-kosaten (Chazawa junction). Turn right at the first set of traffic signals, and then turn into the first side street on the left. TCS counseling center is the fourth building along on the left.