Privacy Policy

The privacy and confidentiality of all clients who use counseling, psychotherapy and group therapy services provided through counseling and psychotherapy at Tokyo Counseling Services is protected and ensured. All of your personal information and the entire content of your sessions is held in the strictest confidence by the counselor or psychotherapist working with and helping you through your counseling or psychotherapy process. All such personal and private information is kept in confidence in compliance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information. (2003/2005).

Only at your specific request and only with your permission can information concerning your counseling or psychotherapy be conveyed in confidence to a third person such as your doctor or to health insurance providers. The only time that confidentiality cannot be guaranteed is in the event that a counselor or psychotherapist determines someone to be in clear and imminent danger to her or himself or to others.

Mental health professionals qualified and trained in Japan adhere to the ethical standards as determined by all legally recognized professional mental health care professional associations, societies and organizations including the Japan Association of Certified Clinical Psychologists, The Japanese Federation of Psychotherapy and the Japan Association of Group Psychotherapy.