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Ale Uzarraga

  • RISE San Diego Urban Leadership Fellows Program (January 2019 - December 2019)
  • Art Therapist Certificate (December 2018 - November 2019)
  • Trauma Informed Care & Healing Centered Engagement (March 2019)
  • Desarrollo de Liderazgo Comunitario (Agosto 2018)
  • Certificación en Prácticas Restaurativas (Junio 2018)
  • Diplomado de la carrera tecnica de fotografia (Junio 2011 - Enero 2009)

Approach & Background

Ale Uzarraga is a transborder photographer born in San Diego, CA, raised and currently living in Tijuana, B.C. She studied the technical photography career in Cuernavaca and Queretaro (2009 – 2011). In more than 9 years of experience,
she has practiced this art in different ways, mainly in the capture of landscapes. I order to make her work more impactful and meaningful, she recently graduated from an Art Therapy diploma in Mexico that makes her work with the community more intentional by using her lens and knowledge to create projects with awareness and educating marginalized communities in San Diegoand Tijuana through the tool of photography.

She makes use of her photography as exploration and expansion tools and tries to generate a social impact and transform environments.



As a teaching artist, creating curriculums and teaching lessons that advocates and provides arts education through an extraordinary range of high-quality in-school and community programming by using art therapy methods to address behavioral health, linguistic ability, and social capacity. The curriculum also encourages youth to think critically about their identities, develop leadership skills and become agents of personal and social transformation.

As an artist in the photography field,  I create permanent visual images for an exceptional range of creative, technical and documentary purposes. Work with clients to discuss the images they require and how they want to use them. Liaising with other professionals, including graphic designers, writers, gallery managers,  commissioning editors and art directors. Managing the business aspects of the work, including administration, scheduling work, invoicing and basic accounting. 



Education through arts, emotional awareness, mindfulness, visual arts and photography.