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Lorinda Kiyama

  • Doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology

Approach and Background

Dr. Kiyama has received training and mentorship in a number of approaches, including family systems, trauma, psychodynamic, and cognitive behavioral therapies.  She completed a postdoctoral certificate program in process-oriented psychology and is enrolled in a year-long postdoctoral program in fertility counseling.


Dr. Kiyama is an American who first came to Japan in 1985 and has over 25 years of experience living in rural and urban communities across Japan with her Japanese husband, two children, and dog.  For over a decade, she has been on the board of directors of a Japanese adoption agency and has aided multicultural families in Japan to adopt through the family courts.  She has worked at Tokyo Institute of Technology since 2005 and is an associate professor in the Academy for Leadership and Institute for Liberal Arts where she teaches conflict facilitation, human relationships, Japanese poetry, and classical Japanese theater, in addition to serving as a student counselor.  Dr. Kiyama joined Tokyo Counseling Services in 2018.


Couples, families, children, individuals, multicultural relationships, trauma, depression, anxiety, infertility, adoption, neurodiversity, autism, grief counseling