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Marvin Dadischeck

  • Coach – Digital Well-being
  • Masters Degree (distinction) in Business Psychology The University of Manchester
  • Digital Well-being coaching education (Consciously Digital)
  • Digital Well-being certificate (University of York)

Marvin is a passionate coach helping individuals to stay healthy, mindful and productive in the age of digital distractions. Considering that stress, performance and mental health problems are increasingly related to compulsive, maladaptive or even addictive usage of digital technologies (such as smartphones, email, social media or video games), Marvin is coaching individuals on managing their digital habits. His work is built on a unique evidence-based approach which combines psychology with powerful coaching techniques. As a highly empathetic and caring person, Marvin is a considerate listener. This enables him to quickly identify limiting beliefs and build meaningful relationships with his clients to help them reach their goals. Coaching is available in German and English. Moreover, Marvin is currently learning Japanese.

Experience in working with clients in personal 1-1 as well as in group settings. Additionally, worked with corporates and schools. Extensive research experience in behavioural addictions ( i.e., smartphone addiction), mental health, performance and wellbeing.

Publications/Conference paper presentations:
Dadischeck, M., & Ono, M. (2020). “Smartphone Addiction and Job Performance: Exploring Mediation of Work-Related Flow and Information Overload.” Presented at the 80th Annual Conference of the Academy of Management, August 2020, Vancouver, Canada.