Available In English & Japanese Languages

Young-Ae KANG

  • Japan Society of Certified Clinical Psychologists
  • The Japan Psychological Association
  • Japan Association of Family Therapy
  • Japan Psycho-Oncology Society

Approach and Background

Co. Young Ae Kang works with a client, best integrating several therapeutic approaches, such as person-centered approach, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT), family therapy and psychodynamics.  Co. Kang has been educated and trained, especially focusing on family problems in childhood, attachment patterns, relationships related matters among family members, and between couples. Co. Kang has sufficient clinical experience on those matters and would offer an opportunity to a client to work on not only the current apparent issues but  latent issues as well.  Co. Kang has studied cross-cultural psychology and has experience in counseling for students/employees from overseas and international couples.  Co. Kang is able to use some art therapy approaches such as drawings and drawing tests.    


Co. Kang has spent most of her career in clinical works and studies at a psychiatry clinic, where she meets a variety of clients with a variety of issues, such as play therapy for infants, counseling with adolescents, parents, and couples. With her additional experience in a global company and living abroad, Co. Kang has been seeing a good number of clients with cross-cultural matters. These clinical experiences and knowledge out of them would contribute to her counseling works for international school students, career development/issues and international couples. Counseling in English, Japanese and Korean is available. 

  • Psychiatry Clinic
  • Public Primary School
  • Public Health Center
  • University Counseling Center
  • Counseling for Cancer Patient
  • Supervision for Professions


Child development, non-attending students, schoolwork problems, career development/issues, child-rearing, family problems, couples, depressive mood, trauma, social adjustment, international couples, cross-cultural adjustment/problems